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Subject  :  When is ecomstation v2 available?
Author  :  JLKT
Date  :  15 Oct, 2006 on 05:42
I am just wondering when is ecs v2 made available? It seems there have been not much news about it lately, especially since the last beta release to members around april 06?


Subject  :  Re:When is ecomstation v2 available?
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  15 Oct, 2006 on 18:13
Yesterday I went to a workshop on eCS 2.0 at Warpstock. It included an install and demo of the latest beta refresh.

Essentially the bottom line is the 2.0 release is closer to being ready. There are still a few issues that are being worked out - some difficulties with eCS 1.2 and 2.0 co-existing on the same machine when bootable JFS is used, and a few other issues. But overall things are going forward and a release doesn't appear to be too far off. Keep in mind that I'm just reporting based on what I saw, and I do not in any way speak for SSI or Mensys.

There is no official date yet that I heard, as this depends on sorting out the current difficulties and whether or not any other issues turn up with the beta.

Subject  :  Re:When is ecomstation v2 available?
Author  :  flywheel flywheel@worldonline.dk
Date  :  16 Oct, 2006 on 00:59
That sounds great - my eCS are en great need of a reinstall, I've been putting it of since the appearence of the sCE2 Beta.

Subject  :  Unlike WinVista..
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  16 Oct, 2006 on 19:54
Unlike a certain WinVista product, I am looking forward to the release of 2.0 of eCS.

I was at the lecture (on the release of 2.0 )at WarpStock Windsor and it is worth the wait and cost.

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