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Subject  :  How to indicate mail in WarpCenter?
Author  :  Shadallark
Date  :  28 Feb, 2003 on 23:45
Does anyone know if there is a way to get PMMail to have an icon in the WarpCenter that changes to indicate when new mail has arrived? Even if you know how to program this feature if you could let me know. I know it can be done because I have seen a different e-mail program that does it (but I cannot remember which one right now).


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Subject  :  Re:How to indicate mail in WarpCenter?
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  06 Mar, 2003 on 02:33
Mozilla will update this icon if you are using it's mail client. See the are instructions at http://www.os2bbs.com/os2news/Warpzilla.html (Note: if you use Mozilla installer, the first step doesn't need to be done.). I think that a Lotus product (CC-Mail?) also does this.

To get this working with another mail client requires three things:

- Having a program object with an id of <CCINBOX> that opens your mail client.

- Somehow working out if there is mail available. There is an XCenter widget call "PMMail Biff" that does this using Rexx. You can get some ideas from this. It's at http://www.os2usr.org/xcenter/

- Telling the Warpcenter widget to change it's icon. On the Mozilla page above, you will find a link to a package that includes a program to test the icon change. Unfortunately, there's no source. I assume it sends a message to the WarpCenter to tell it to change, but, I can't tell what it is. If you ask on the Mozilla newsgroup, the developers should be able to tell you.


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