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Subject  :  Using JunkSpy via modem isn't always easy...
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  04 May, 2003 on 20:19
Question regarding using JunkSpy together with pmMail together with modem. I've noticed that when larger attachements are downloaded by JunkSpy (around >300kb) it usually ends with that pmMail breaks up the download of mail. So quite often I just have to "disable" and not use JunkSpy together with pmMail. Is there either something in JunkSpy that would at least "feed" pmMail mail with something so I won't drop the mail polling or something in pmMail that can keep the line alive a bit longer ?


Subject  :  Re:Using JunkSpy via modem isn't always easy...
Author  :  PeterSkye pskye_os2world@peterskye.com
Date  :  04 May, 2003 on 22:53
Junk Spy has exactly what you need.

Right click on the Junk Spy window, then click on Settings, and then click on Detector. You will now be on the Detector Settings window.

In the Compatibility section of the window is an option that says "Bypass detector for messages larger than". Check this box so it is "on" and fill in a value of 800 (for 800 kilobytes).

This will send messages larger than 800 kilobytes directly through Junk Spy and will keep your mail server connection from "timing out" when a huge message is received.

You can make the 800 kilobyte value anything you like. Messages larger than this value aren't checked by Junk Spy and 800 is the size they recommend. If you still have a timeout problem then reduce it to 400.

- Peter

Subject  :  Re:Using JunkSpy via modem isn't always easy...
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  05 May, 2003 on 23:22
Thanks Peter for the tip; worked out fine. Happy that I can continue to use JunkSpy since I moved to a new address where there is no ADSL available and I'm forced for a while more to use modem (urgh). But, JunkSpy has served me well. Since I installed it November last year I've recieved (currently) 16180 e-mails (6 different accounts) with a junk ration around 46%.


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