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Subject  :  Have the need for spell checking in pmMail?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  15 May, 2003 on 08:11
A question that I often get from friends here in Sweden regarding pmMail is how to enable or get Swedish spell checker. Problem is that this is not possible to get from Blueprint Software Works, Inc. But if you don't mind using an external editor you can then use your favorite word processor to handle this. By changing the external editor config within pmMail to for example WordPro you can now when creating a new e-mail hit Alt+X and the text will now be "copied" to WordPro (or what ever editor you choose) for spell checking. By quiting WordPro the edited and updated text gets copied back into the e-mail you created under pmMail.

But, if anyone have an idea of how to get proper native spell checking support within pmMail - I would like to hear about.


Subject  :  Re:Have the need for spell checking in pmMail?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  08 Aug, 2003 on 20:49
I'm I the only one that would like to see pmMail translated to other languages? I've asked contact the pmMail people if they have any interest of getting pmMail translated... offering this for free. But, so far there hasn't been any response from them....


Subject  :  Re:Have the need for spell checking in pmMail?
Author  :  Jan-Erik jan-erik@os2ug.se
Date  :  11 Aug, 2003 on 10:19
I've asked them the same (translation 2 Swedish) and thier response to me was that the current pmmail hasn't got a separate .dll for language specific parts and therefore no file to give me/us that we can work with.

I've even asked Peter Nielsen (Author of PMView, same company) if I/we could translate PMView as well to Swedish, and he replied (in perfect swedish) that he intended to translate PMView to Swedish himself but wasn't sure if it was worth the effort (>5 500 lines). He wants to know if there's enough people willing to pay for such software. I guess that he has been to busy deveoping the new v3 of PMView to consider translations at the moment.


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