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Subject  :  pmMail 2 Thunderbord converter tool
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  24 Jan, 2005 on 16:08
Since I had the need myself to convert my mail within pmMail2000 to Thunderbird I gave it a try with a perl script called pmm2tb.pl. pmm2tb did the job in around 10 minutes to convert a batch of 8 different accounts with around 55000 e-mails. Good thing also is that it keeps the entire directory structure one has build up in pmMail 2000 and recreates everything in "Local Folder" in Thunderbird. From that it's just matter of moving the mail and directories into the correct matching account.

You have to have perl installed to run above script, but there is no need to install the entire package of perl files, just download installation files and the primary perl package; that should do the work.


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