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Subject  :  IBM 8226 Token Ring RJ-45 Connection (MAU)
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  27 Jul, 2005 on 19:30
The IBM 8226 Token Ring RJ45 Connection is a multistation access unit. It offers a splitter function that exceeds the capabilities of the IBM 8228. While offering increased function, the IBM 8226 will not be a replacement for the IBM 8228, but an addition to the product line. The 8226 supports Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP), Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), and Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP) cabling for both lobe and main ring paths. The other major functions are: the 8226 is powered by an integrated auto-ranging power supply, it does not require a setup or initialization tool, and it can coexist with all other IBM token-ring concentrators and hubs.

The IBM 8226 Model 001 provides 8 port attachments to a 4 or 16 Mbps token-ring local area network (LAN). The 8226 Model 001 may be used as a splitter device to connect up to eight workstations to a single port of another hub or to a concentrator/access unit.

Physical Specifications; Width: 263 mm (10.4 inches), Depth: 141 mm (5.5 inches), Height: 54 mm (2.1 inches), Weight: 0.975 kg (2.15 lb).

Item is sold on behalf of OS2 World.Com to fund future/needed hardware upgrades.

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