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Subject  :  The Online forums notify feature - How does it work?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Dec, 2002 on 09:36
The original notify feature in Ultraboards only allows people of the original posting to get a notification when replies are made. Good news is that we have added a modification hack to the board that enables all users to get a notification on a topic that might be of interest. But, this feature will only work on new topics/threads posted and as well you may not enable "Hide your email address" in your profile since the notification feature won't work then.
Disabling "Hide your email address" will not show your e-mail to the public it will only allow people to click on an icon if they want to send an e-mail directly to using the Ultraboard as mail system.

Big thanks to Sergey "the Eych" Smirnov, Stuffed Guys, http://www.stuffedguys.com , for creating this hack for us.

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