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Subject  :  How do I include images within the posts?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  03 Feb, 2005 on 09:50
Well, some of you have noticed that one actually can include images within the posts. Either you can actually link to external sites, but take notice of that some users has disabled loading images from 3rd party servers, or you can make an attachement with the image that you want to use. When you have submitted the new posting with the attached image, copy the link location for the image and choose to edit submitted post and ues following UltraBoard Codes to make use of the attached image:

image code: [img="http://www.ub2k.com/ultraboard.gif"]

Done! Rather easy, but please beware that you don't post images bigger that 500 pixel width, since you will blow the forum layout.

Actually, when you're posting a new thread or reply to old thread, while writing the text - take a small look to the left of the editing window and you should notice that you have a few links:

UltraBoard Codes: on
HTML Tags: on

There is lots of UltraBoard codes that can be used and as well you're actually able to use html tags as well within the posts. But, check the links and you'll find everything there is to know.

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