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Subject  :  multiple audio cards
Author  :  ChrisR roossien@gmail.com
Date  :  09 Nov, 2004 on 14:43
On my previous mainbord I had 2 audio cards (awe64 and crystal) working in os2/eCS at the same time.
Now I have a SB live and a on board sound card, both of them are working with the uniaudio driver.
I can force the uniaudio driver to use one of the 2 cards.. but not both.. as far as I know?
It doesn't load the uniaudio driver 2 times.. is there a trick for this?
And what about sound in DOS sessions?

Subject  :  Re:multiple audio cards
Author  :  cyberspittle cyberspittle@yahoo.com
Date  :  09 Nov, 2004 on 18:39

ChrisR (09 Nov, 2004 14:43):
And what about sound in DOS sessions?

The sound card has to support DOS sessions. My older Crystal Semiconductor (now Cirrus Logic) ISA sound cards had excellent support for DOS (and WinOS2). However, the PCI cards don't seem to support DOS sessions. I have a Herculles Fortissimo III 7.1 is an excellent Crystal based card, but it doesn't support sound in a DOS session (I tried Quake demo).

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