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Subject  :  Ogg Vorbis Player for OS/2?
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  27 Nov, 2005 on 17:44
Player, encoder, plugins for Ogg Vorbis on OS/2 operating systems.
I came across this while doing a Google (for a Ogg Vorbis player for DOS; for another Yahoo Group - FreeDOS). Does anyone know more about it?
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Subject  :  Re:Ogg Vorbis Player for OS/2?
Author  :  RobertM
Date  :  27 Nov, 2005 on 17:55
If memory serves, the decoder can be used with Z Player (though OGG support may come in the newer versions) and others. I've used it on occassion and the results are pretty good.

Subject  :  Re:Ogg Vorbis Player for OS/2?
Author  :  sXwamp
Date  :  28 Nov, 2005 on 02:14
Try the MMIO classes for MP3 and OGG files written by Russel O'Connor http://www.math.berkeley.edu/~roconnor/ seamlessly into the WPS. After installation Ogg-, FLAC- and MP3 files are treated the same way by the WPS as the other audio files. They have their own Icons and the same menus as for example wave files. A doubleclick starts playback another one stops it. The convert menu item helps you converting audio files to Wave, Ogg or FLAC without any other program. There's also a new open-item for volume.

Subject  :  Re:Ogg Vorbis Player for OS/2?
Author  :  Sander
Date  :  28 Nov, 2005 on 22:42
I agree with sXwamp. If you spend much time at all with .WAV, MP3, FLAC, or OGG files, then IMO Russell O'connor's MMAudio Pak for OS/2 is the superior solution for OS/2. I was looking for a way to use the extremely high quality (lossless) of FLAC to transfer my CD collection on to my HD for use with OS/2. MMAudio Pak was the perfect solution. You just can't beat the direct integration of all these audio codecs into the OS.

BTW, installing MMAudio Pak doesn't preclude the use of your favorite player for single play, or playlists.

Good luck,
Sander Nyman

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