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Subject  :  audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  knuut knuut@weldedchainmail.com
Date  :  10 Jun, 2006 on 20:05
I have been an OS2 user for more than 37 years (OS/2 P.C.P on an IBM 360-30 in 196 and in that time I have never had any use for a computer that made funny noises. Now my wife (whom I love dearly and is standing right behind me) has handed me a stack of her favorite audio CDs and a cute little MP3 player
and is asking me how to put them inside. Geting the MP3 files into the player is no problem (it uses SD cards...same as my camera) but I havn't a clue as to how to turn an audio CD into one or more MP3 files. Is it even possible? If so, how do I go about it. (Windoz is not an option...I don't own a copy)

Subject  :  Re:audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  RobC robc64@gmail.com
Date  :  10 Jun, 2006 on 20:56
I haven't tried this myself, but according to the website CD-magic should be able to do what you want, and even more so.


Have fun helping your wife enjoy her mp3 player.

Subject  :  Re:audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  melf mikaelelf@os2ug.se
Date  :  11 Jun, 2006 on 00:40
This is a good one, Leechmp3 at hobbes: http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?sh=1&button=Search&key=leechmp3&stype=all&sort=type&dir=%2Fpub%2Fos2

Easy installation easy use.


Subject  :  Re:audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  orac johnbijnens@spymac.com
Date  :  11 Jun, 2006 on 07:03
You can also try cd2mp3 from the same developer as pm123


Best regards,


Subject  :  Re:audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  Holgos2 holgerschuett@swol.net
Date  :  11 Jun, 2006 on 13:21
Hi there,

i can recommend leechmp3 too.
An alternative is gogo which can be found on hobbes too.



Subject  :  Re:audio CDs to MP3?
Author  :  flywheel flywheel@worldonline.dk
Date  :  11 Jun, 2006 on 15:52
cd2mp3 is very good. Even though it is only singlethreaded it is very fast, got FreeDB support and supports severel different grabbers and encoders, including Oggenc.

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