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Subject  :  Happy Birthday OS2World.com
Author  :  Martin martin@_despam_os2world.com
Date  :  27 Mar, 2003 on 20:58
Thanks to everyone that visit our site day after day.
Today is our third birthday so go ahead and put your comments here on the forum !!


Subject  :  Re:Happy Birthday OS2World.com
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  01 Apr, 2003 on 10:40
For thoose of you that have tried to reply to this earlier and could not. The reason for this was not due to bad login, corrupt userid, it was just that the posting was posted to News & Announcement board that only allows admin/staff to post and make reply.

So it should work again.


Subject  :  Re:Happy Birthday OS2World.com
Author  :  RadarCat
Date  :  06 Feb, 2005 on 10:37

Belated Happy Birthday, OS2World !!

Congratulations on being one of the very best OS/2 Warp sites on Planet Earth !!

RadarCat, Webmaster

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