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Subject  :  Group Purchase of Golden Code Java
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  03 Feb, 2005 on 09:39
Just wonder, but what the big deal of this group purchase, what is the benefits of GC Java compared with other compilations?

Subject  :  Re:Group Purchase of Golden Code Java
Author  :  os2power
Date  :  04 Feb, 2005 on 08:58
Just they don't have ten stations of their own

Subject  :  Re:Group Purchase of Golden Code Java
Author  :  The OS2Guy os2guy@gmail.com
Date  :  05 Feb, 2005 on 00:21
I've been running and testing GC's Java and Innotek's Java for quite sometime now, mostly with various P2P applications. I much prefer GC's Java for several reasons. In plain words, GC's Java works better than Innotek's Java. Works better in that it is native OS/2 designed, is more secure and stable, file transfers (using P2P) are faster and reliable, and from what I've tested, all the Java features of the applications work and work well.

I used Innotek's Java for two months on the very same applications and it was never stable enough to run on a 24/7 basis - unlike GC's Java. Features within the Java applications failed to work or didn't work at all with Innotek's Java releases. It took longer for file transfers to complete and more often then not, they failed. Java apps using Innotek's Java were slow to start and run. When a problem occured within a Java application the entire OS/2 system would often freeze up leaving me no option but to reboot. I've never experienced *that* problem with Golden Code's Java (and for that reason alone I rely on GC's Java).

I don't know what the deal is with a group purchase of GC Java. Perhaps a group of guys are trying to save money? OTOH, I suggest individual purchase to encourase further enhancements and financial incentives to Golden Code to keep up the good work.

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