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Subject  :  Windows Bank Trojan
Author  :  RadarCat
Date  :  10 Feb, 2005 on 18:17

February 10, 2005

Hi, All

According to the Inquirer at:


the British anti-virus firm Sophos said it has discovered a trojan which attacks Microsoft's anti-spyware product, which actually is still in the beta testing stage

Sophos said Mr BankAsh-A trojan is a piece of software that attempts to steal online banking passwords.

The trojan is after a number of banks, said Sophos, particularly Barclays, Cahoot, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, Smile and Natwest.

According to the Sophos web site at:


the trojan affects Windows operating systems and
steals credit card details , turns off anti-virus applications,
deletes files off the computer, steals information,
drops more malware and downloads code from the internet.

Yet more reasons for banks to stay with OS/2 Warp !!

RadarCat, Webmaster

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