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Subject  :  Phantom Drive
Author  :  kb0uov
Date  :  20 Mar, 2005 on 15:31
I am having a strange problem. OS/2 (acp2) thinks I have three hard drives, when I only have two installed. LVM complains of an error about partition table on HD 3 is corrupt. My system is a home-built amd xp 1900, via chipset, dvd burner, and two hard drives (all ide). I'm using the latest dani drivers. I recently added the dvd burner, and os/2 was hanging on os2cdrom.dmd with the new dvd burner, and my old cdrom burner. I removed the cd burner and set the dvd burner to master, and os/2 no longer hangs. My second hard drive was connected as an external usb drive (using one of those ide to usb cases), but os/2 didn't like repartitioning it, so I took it back apart and connected it via ide. OS/2 works fine, except for the occasional hang at startup. My two hard drives are working fine, but the third reported by lvm is 96 M with no partitions. Also I need to get the second HD back to usb, so I can transport stuff back and forth to work. Windows sees only two hard drives, so I don't think its a hardware problem.
I would prefer not to wipe os/2 and reinstall, but if I have to I will.

Any help or insight would be great.

Subject  :  Re:Phantom Drive
Author  :  ChrisR cwroossien@home.nl
Date  :  20 Mar, 2005 on 18:47
Are you using USB flashdrive or USB card reader?
That could be the 3rd drive and thats very normal..

Subject  :  Re:Phantom Drive
Author  :  Stuart srtgray@clara.net
Date  :  20 Mar, 2005 on 20:59
Probably from when the 2nd drive was in the USB enclosure. It is, as ChrisR said, perfectly normal for a USB drive (whether plugged in or not - the MSD driver presents a"blank" to the OS at boot up) to appear in LVM. You could hide the drive letter in LVM to prevent it showing in the drives object.


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