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Subject  :  I'm back online again!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  03 Apr, 2005 on 21:02
After being sick and as well managed to get away for some vacation I'm back home again after 18 hours flight... so I will go through my e-mail the next couple of days and set up requested e-mail accounts, update link database and as well update the news submittion form.

So during the next couple of days - if you haven't heard anything from me during the last couple of weeks - well, you should get something during the next couple of days.


Subject  :  Re:I'm back online again!
Author  :  RadarCat
Date  :  11 Apr, 2005 on 02:02

Hi, Kim,

I hope you are getting better. I know the weather in Sweden doesn't help much.

Maybe some day you will move to the USA. I understand Yngwie Malmsteen moved to Tallahassee, Florida. But you have to watch out for huge hurricanes there.

The most perfect climate in the USA is probably near San Diego, California.


RadarCat, Webmaster

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