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Subject  :  OS/2 Literature/Books
Author  :  T41wine
Date  :  03 Aug, 2005 on 10:36
How about a source for literature on OS/2.

Subject  :  Re:OS/2 Literature/Books
Author  :  cyberspittle cyberspittle@yahoo.com
Date  :  03 Aug, 2005 on 17:17
How about eBay or Amazon? I use them frequently. The OS/2 bookshelf is aged and not much has been printed recently. However, in spite of this, you'll realize how relevent the material still is.

Have you tried IBM Redbooks? I think the address is www.redbooks.ibm.com. If you search for OS/2 at their site, you'll find over 100 redbooks with OS/2 or references to it. Most are downloadable as PDF and some can be ordered as brand new pubs! I hope this helps. Perhaps you are looking into something particular?

Subject  :  Re:OS/2 Literature/Books
Author  :  Sam
Date  :  03 Aug, 2005 on 19:22
Exact URL for Redbook is

Then use keyword OS2 or OS/2 to seach.

The former will give more relevant result.

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