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Subject  :  The 5th OS2 World Award!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  17 Jan, 2006 on 09:47
Support thread for the 5th OS2 World Award event. The original posting can be found here.

Subject  :  Re:The 5th OS2 World Award!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  18 Jan, 2006 on 10:00
All other years, there has been the same discussion... why is he or she nominated and not he and she or this and that. I can only say one thing; Do nominate the companies, the people and the software that you think should be on the final vote.

Subject  :  Re:The 5th OS2 World Award!
Author  :  LewisR
Date  :  21 Jan, 2006 on 22:34
Kim, any thoughts on coordinating the announcement of the awards with Warpstock? There is some discussion on the team list of having an awards ceremony, and it would be great to be able to announce the OS/2 World awards, hand out actual certificates (or something), and have several Warpstock-specific awards all in the same afternoon/evening.

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLE, CLP
Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC

Warpstock Windsor - Oct 12-15, 2006

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