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Subject  :  XWorkplace question
Author  :  adam
Date  :  28 Apr, 2004 on 01:27
Ok, I have got a problem here I haven't been able to resolve.
Using warp 4 w\fixpak 17
XWorkplace 1.02

1. I edit my config.sys file - the files' class at this point is XWPDataFile.
2. The system changes the class of the config.sys to XWPProgramFile either some time after or after a reboot.
3. I then have to go into Properties and change the class back to XWPDataFile and then its type from Executable to plain text.
4. I know it is not suppose to be this way.
5. Seem to start doing this after I turned on the turbo folders feature and then later turned it back off. I don't want to re-enable the turbo folders feature.
6. It seems to me the extended attributes for the file are out of sync.
7. Any suggestions to correct the problem?

(the user formerly known as arr but lost the password and couldn't get it retrieved.)

Subject  :  Re:XWorkplace question
Author  :  adam
Date  :  30 Apr, 2004 on 21:46
Ok, well I don't think it is a problem with XWorkplace since I completely uninstalled it, wiped out it's directory and mad sure all the registry setting were gone and then re-installed it and made no difference so I guess I am at a loss as to what is causing this now. Wasn't always doing though. Does anyone have any ideas at all what is causing this?


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