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Subject  :  Virtual desktop as widget in xworkplace/ecenter ?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  10 Feb, 2005 on 14:58
in eCS there is this little nice utility that lets one to have different virtual desktops, can't remember what it's called but I've used it earlier together with mcp2. But, I'm I the only one that would like it to be a widget integrated into ecenter / xworkplace? Something like this:

Subject  :  Re:Virtual desktop as widget in xworkplace/ecenter ?
Author  :  Cris
Date  :  14 Feb, 2005 on 12:08
Hi Kim,
this has been on my wish-list for years, but unfortunately nobody has come up with a widget yet.
I've been thinking about doing it myself for a while, but I've so many half-finished projects that it's better for me (and for users) if I finish them instead of jumping on yet another new project.
BTW, there's a way of having sort of a virtual desktop widget.
These are the steps:

1) Create a desktop scheme were the windows borders are set to 1 pixel.
2) Drop the scheme onto the virtual desktop window.
3) Size the virtual desktop window so that it fits into the XCenter bar.
4) Create a new spacer widget on the XCenter, and size it so that it can "contain" the virtual desktop window.
5) Change the XCenter configuration so that it hasn't the "always on top" property.
6) Move the virtual desktop window over the newly created spacer widget.
7) Voilà! You have your new virtual desktop pseudo-widget

One problem with this approach is that, whenever you click on the XCenter, the virtual desktop window disappears for a while.

If I remember correctly the virtual desktop does not have an "always on top" flag. I solved this problem adding it to the bottom border for activation, so that when I click on the XCenter (with the effect of hiding the virtual desktop) all that I need to do is to move the mouse a little further down to hit the bottom border, and the virtual desktop resurfaces.

Hope this helps...


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