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Subject  :  Distributable OS/2 image
Author  :  Jos pavane@operamail.com
Date  :  07 Apr, 2005 on 23:14
Hi, I am creating 30 Thinkpad monitoring OS/2 4.52 workstations. All systems are going to be identical, so am looking for a means of distributing an installable image - this will save me a lot of "aggro".

Now in the past I have used various tools - Ghost, Drive Image, etc.. But these will not support LVM, without some manual "jiggery pokery".

Does anyone know of imaging software that does fully support LVM? I understand that DFsee has imaging/cloning abilities, will this give me what I want?



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Subject  :  Re:Distributable OS/2 image
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  08 Apr, 2005 on 01:36
DFSee can create images of partitions and is LVM aware, so it is probably your best bet. See http://www.dfsee.com/ for details.


Subject  :  Re: CID !?
Author  :  icebear
Date  :  08 Apr, 2005 on 15:39
Hi Jos,
Have you read and learnt chapter 2.9 of the readme.txt ?

That is the solution for your multiple installations
and there is also a Redbook for it !!

Subject  :  Re:Distributable OS/2 image
Author  :  RadarCat
Date  :  11 Apr, 2005 on 01:51

The following link is to a list of 44 IBM Redbooks related to OS/2 Warp:

http://publib-b.boulder.ibm.com/redbooks.nsf/ Redbooks?SearchView&Query=OS%2F2%20Warp&SearchMax=4999


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