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Subject  :  Screenshot
Author  :  zizban zizban@adelphia.net
Date  :  06 Aug, 2005 on 18:45
How does one take a screenshot in os/2 warp 4?

Subject  :  Re:Screenshot
Author  :  Ben Dragon
Date  :  06 Aug, 2005 on 19:01
You have to use a screen capture program.

Several are available for free on Hobbes, but I do not know if they still function.

PMView is what I use for screen capture and other things as such, because of its flexibility and ease of use. It is shareware and would work quite easily for a basic screen capture.

Hope this helps.


Subject  :  Re:Screenshot
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  07 Aug, 2005 on 02:32
Embellish will do the job. It is now abandonware, when the developer called it quits, released the application for free.


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