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Subject  :  OS/2 inside programmer for VitaTron PaceMakers
Author  :  Jan-Erik jan-erik@os2ug.se
Date  :  23 Nov, 2005 on 21:07

My Father has just got a pacemaker today.

That's when I found out that the hospital use a "special" version of OS/2 in thier programming computer for the vitatron pacemaker.

Apparently they've placed it in some special memory (e.g. ROM based) as the GUI came up in about 3 secs, the time to show BIOS ROM message included!!!

I wish that my computer will start as fast as that the next time

It was attached to a HP Color InkJet 2230 and printed curves and charts etc. for e.g. heartbeats, settings and reports.

I saw it over the sholder on the nurse/doctor that used it and first noticed the "waiting clock" when they reprogrammed parts of the pacemaker. I could also see it on the scrollbars and checkboxes and radiobuttons that looked exactly as in OS/2.

The scary part though was that they just switched the computer off when they were finished, without shutting down the system.


I can't see the OS/2 style on the animation though, but when I looked at their page and searched for OS/2, they mention OS/2 for "Current Job Opportunities".

Mvh / MfG / Wkr

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