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Subject  :  Will eSchemes Deluxe 3.2 work with Styler2?
Author  :  RobertM
Date  :  08 Mar, 2007 on 02:49

I have Styler/2 installed, and was considering installing eSchemes Deluxe 3.2 - but I was curious if the two would conflict. I really dont want to lose the additional functionality included in Styler/2 [VIO, Mouse, extra buttons (ie: roll-up, etc), added menu pop-ups & controls]. At the same time, I also would like the added features that come in eSchemes Deluxe.

Does anyone know if the two can co-exist?

Thanks in advance,

Subject  :  Re:Will eSchemes Deluxe 3.2 work with Styler2?
Author  :  prokushev
Date  :  17 Mar, 2007 on 05:01
eSchemes Deluxe not touch and PM Window classes (like styler/2 does), so no any conflict must be introduced.

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