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Subject  :  Regarding the TrueType core fonts utility - Watch Out!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  29 Nov, 2002 on 23:48
Really nice utility if one have the really have the need to use TTF fonts within OS2. But, IMHO I really suggest that you ask yourself if you really have the need for them. Might be that TTF fonts might look a bit better when a browser is rendering the page. But, overall the quality of the TTF fonts can not be compared with Adobe fonts that came along with OS2. One thing that you will notice is that TTF fonts works rather bad when used within graphical enviroments. So if you need to create documents using SmartSuite, StarOffice or other word processors I think you should avoid the TTF fonts. There are lots of free ATM fonts available on the internet that can be used under OS2, if the need for more fonts would be the argument to install the TTF's.

But, once again I would like to say that it's a nice utility that I tried to install myself. But, removed again after 5 minutes when it didn't work out that great with WordPro and as well some surfing around with Mozilla on pages where the fonts didn't look that great after all.


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