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Subject  :  FileStar?
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  14 Jan, 2003 on 14:29
I am just trying FileStar for OS/2. Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it worth the price? It seems like a good program (so far).
OS/2 Warp-ed to the very end.

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  29 Jan, 2003 on 14:36
I have been trying FileStar on both my notebook computer with Warp ver 3 and fixpak 26 and my desktop with Warp ver 4 and fixpak 15. It works on both. It has features Win used to have and I liked. It also has some features that Win didn't have and are appreciated. I think it will be worth registering. Are there any opnions out there on FileStar?


OS/2 Warp-ed to the very end.

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  luzenski
Date  :  01 Feb, 2003 on 08:35
I think it's a great program. I've been using the betas of version 3 for a long while now, and rarely use the WPS anymore. FileStar/2 has many features, similar to the FileManager/2, but FM/2 is no longer alive so for me FS/2 is better.
James Luzenski

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  john martindale@attglobal.net
Date  :  09 Feb, 2003 on 21:42
I've been using Filestar since the first version, and think it's excellent. The developers actually have an updated beta version, but never released it. You might email them and ask why.

Subject  :  Experience with FileStar/2
Author  :  ghelfrich ghelfrich@gsb.uchicago.edu
Date  :  10 Feb, 2003 on 02:53
I also have been using FileStar/2 for many years and have had very good success with it. It is the only file/directory program I use. I have run it on Warp v4 and eCS and have never had a significant problem or encountered an issue I can't live with. Because of my very good experience over the years, I would recommend this program to others. I plan to continue using this program for the foreseeable future. I have always eagerly anticipated the communicated new version, but it has never happened. I sure hope it does and would gladly pay for it.

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  10 Feb, 2003 on 18:53
I tried it out earlier but didn't really get a kick out of it. My primary file handler is DirMaster, but there isn't any futher development done on it anymore. But, what I like with DM is that you're able to create your own "function" within it on the meny and as well short macros etc. Don't know if FileStar has the same features, does it ?


Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Jesper jnee@os2world.com
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 10:18
I use it (the latest beta) on a daily basis. If you are a registered owner you might get permission to use the beta. Contact the programmer on:
for further info.

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 15:47
Downloaded FileStar/2 to give it a try again and I directly recalled why I never really liked it. It's just to colorfull and to many small windows, etc. Here is a screenshoot (resized down a bit to be able to publish it here, but I guess that you get the impression of it) of DirMaster and for me it's much cleaner when it comes to the GUI. Ok, biggest problem with DirMaster is that it doesn't support larger disks than 4GB when it comes to report the size. I can live with that since it has so many other nice features. Problem it's a dead product now and it hasn't been made OpenSource... yet.. Another reason why I really like DirMaster is since it reminds me a lot of the old Directory Opus and as well old DirMaster available for the Amiga.

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Sander
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 19:00
Kim, IMHO you may be missing the whole point to Filestar/2. It's sort of like the Supermodel who says, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful".

That Jim Reed created such a polished, intuitive GUI for Filestar/2 is a testament to his PM programming genius. Because underneath that beautiful skin is IMO quite simply the most powerful, versatile, flexible file manager ever created for OS/2, or any other platform that I have ever used. And I have used a LOT!

Before you dismiss it because "It's just too colorful and too many small windows", you really should do yourself a favor, and dig into the program. Open the settings, and see what customization is available. For openers, changing the colors, and window structure is simple, and very flexible. You must not have spent much time with Filestar/2 to have missed that. You might even want to take a look at the documentation, which is EXCELLENT.

Support for Filestar/2 is also excellent. The Filestar/2 website is available as well, and CSD updates are available for both Filestar/2, and Unimaint (another EXCELLENT OS/2 application). I can also tell you (based on a recent conversation with Jim Reed) that Version 3, though long delayed, is alive and well, and being worked on.


Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 19:22
Agree that I might not spent enough time to figure the entire apps out. And hopefully it's possible to change or re-config exactly to my needs. But, I'll give some more time and dig around a bit more and get back with questions if needed


Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 19:49
Well, here is a question directly regarding the different Windows modes, I would like to use the Twin mode and it comes up as I would expect. But, it only shows the files and no directories, how come ? What did I miss out regarding setting for the Window Twin mode ?

Subject  :  Re:FileStar?
Author  :  TimC tcardoz@surewest.net
Date  :  21 Feb, 2003 on 00:57
It ain't obvious but, once you've selected Twin Mode from the Windows pull-down menu, you can easily just resize the two directory windows by dragging on their left sides to reveal the underlying Drives and Directories windows. Of course, there's only one Directories window (that I've ever seen) which corresponds to the "active" Directory window (the one whose title bar is blue).

One thing I find useful is to reset the font setting from BOLD to Normal so that you get better use of the screen real estate (IMHO).

Tim H Cardozo
OS/2 SIG of the Sacramento PC Users Group
SIG Leader

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