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Subject  :  Help needed!!!
Author  :  goh_j goh_j@hotmail.com
Date  :  30 Jan, 2003 on 10:26
v sorry to trouble again....but i'm trying to run this line everyday at a certain time...or a batch file containing this line...but i dun noe how to put it in the command of the schedule program that i downloaded. the line in NT is

copy d:\fer\fbrcode.bcd d:\fer\fbrcode.dat


I'm a serious total newbie to OS2...PLS HELP!......Thank you v much.

Subject  :  Re:Help needed!!!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  10 Feb, 2003 on 20:16
What scheduler / cron application did you download and that You can't get to work? Just so I know when trying to help you out with it.


Subject  :  Re:Help needed!!!
Author  :  goh_j goh_j@hotmail.com
Date  :  11 Feb, 2003 on 03:45
I've downloaded pmcron, Rsched v.1.5.beta is OS/2 FS scheduler. WarpCron 2.0. But i really don't know how to put the command line into it. Ur help will be v much appreciated.Thank you v v much.

Subject  :  Re:Help needed!!!
Author  :  Kim
Date  :  20 Feb, 2003 on 02:05
To config pmCron you need then to edit Crontabs in the installation directory (and there are examples within this file itself) and the configuration follows how you would set it up on a unix system.

WarpCron might then be much easier to config, since it offers a GUI to set it all up. And offers some other nice features that you won't find in pmCron. Use WarpCron Setup to set up a cron job and it should look something like this:

I hope this solves your problem setting up cron jobs within OS2. If not, let me know where you get stuck.


Subject  :  Re:Help needed!!!
Author  :  TimC tcardoz@surewest.net
Date  :  21 Feb, 2003 on 01:30
You might also want to try the following:

Open up an OS/2 Window session.
Assuming that gets you to [C:\], then just type in the
following three lines pressing Enter after typing in each
Copy con mycopy.cmd
copy d:\fer\fbrcode.bcd d:\fer\fbrcode.dat
At this point your cursor should be at the left side of
the next line, which should be blank if you've typed
correctly. Just press Ctrl-z (the Ctrl key and the z key)
at the same time and then one last press of the Enter
key. You should get a message saying that 1 file was
copied and be returned to the [C:\] prompt.

What you've just done is to build a two-line OS/2 Command
file named C:\mycopy.cmd. In the WarpCron Setup folder Kim referred you to, just use that file name in the "Program" field but change the radio button under "Type" to say "OS/2 Window" rather than "OS/2 PM". You're done!

Tim H Cardozo
OS/2 SIG of the Sacramento PC Users Group
SIG Leader

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