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Subject  :  Wireless Internet Campground Style
Author  :  DM dmsimonds@satexas.com
Date  :  19 Aug, 2005 on 04:46
Long time no post.
I am new to OS/2 and would like to have access to the newsgroup areas. Problem is I am a now a Full Time RV'er and do not have access to a phone line. My access to the internet is a wireless network in an RV Resort.
Problem to solve is: How can I access Newsgroups since I am using my ISP's Webmail or Web-based mail to get my e-mail.

DM...humm...could use some help here.

Subject  :  Re:Wireless Internet Campground Style
Author  :  jer jksamphere@yahoo.com
Date  :  20 Aug, 2005 on 23:32
I use Google Groups:


Its work very well and dosn't fill your computer up with useless junk.

Jeramie Samphere
President & Director of Operations,
OS2eCS Org.
"Supporting the past OS/2 user..and the future..eComStation!"

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