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Subject  :  Networking under WIN-OS/2
Author  :  calmssea calmssea@gmail.com
Date  :  31 Oct, 2005 on 18:44
Just out of curiosity, does any one remember how you need to setup WIN-OS/2 portion to do TCP/IP properly?

I thought I knew how to do it, but seems like, I no longer do..
I did dig into hundreads of google pages, and this site with not much luck..

VPC'ing is cool, but just wanted to know if there is a way with the already built in DOS box..

I am running eCS 1.2, under P4 2.8, 1G ram, and a 2G boot drive. (recognized by the file manager with proper size)

Subject  :  Re:Networking under WIN-OS/2
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  01 Nov, 2005 on 07:11
It isn't too difficult, just takes a bit of work:

1. Obviously, you'll need to have DOS and WinOS/2 support installed.

2. Next, you'll need to have the DOS and WinOS/2 TCP/IP stuff installed (This should be default in most versions of Warp. Check to see if you have a c:\tcpip\dos directory) See if WINSOCK.DLL is in the c:\tcpip\dos\bin directory. (Of course, the c: part could be a different drive, if TCPIP is installed on another drive)

3. Check your autoexec.bat file, make sure it has the c:\tcpip\dos\bin in the PATH statement

4. Check your autoexec.bat file, and make sure the SET ETC variable is set - in my file, I have SET ETC=C:\TCPIP\DOS\ETC

5. Check the RESOLV file in C:\TCPIP\DOS\ETC it should have domain and name server information in it, for example:

nameserver xx.xx.xxx.xx
nameserver xx.xx.xxx.xx

For the name server information, you can probably find it in your c::\mptn\etc\resolv2 or c:\mptn\etc\resolv file. Or check for the information with your ISP. If you're using dialup, you usually get this information with your PPP authentication.

Fire up WinOS/2 and see if it works. There is a wping.exe application which you can try - a Windows 3.1 Ping app. If it works and you can ping somewhere, then you should be good to go.

What I've done to make sure my resolv file is always up to date, is I've added the following line to my autoexec.bat file:

copy c:\mptn\etc\resolv2 c:\tcpip\dos\etc\resolv

That way, each time I fire up WinOS/2 or a Dos box, it will update the name server information so it is correct - even if my cable company changes this information on a DHCP lease update.

Hope this helps.

Subject  :  Re:Networking under WIN-OS/2
Author  :  calmssea calmssea@gmail.com
Date  :  01 Nov, 2005 on 18:02
silly me...

WIN-OS/2 works out of the box for TCP/IP!

how stupid of me to think it won't work...
This reminds me that the last time i did a serious WIN-OS/2 networking was when i was using WARP 3 without built in Windows disk.

So, my WIN-OS/2 networks just fine as should..

Thanks for the detailed description. I confirmed line by line with the explaination and found wping.exe was sitting in TCPIP directory, and worked just as it should. I think I am gonna keep the text for later step by step confirmation for my later installations.

Subject  :  Re:Networking under WIN-OS/2
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  01 Nov, 2005 on 23:39
Glad to hear it is working for you.

If you're using an older Warp 3 machine, you'll likely need to install the Dosbox update for TCP/IP (the one shipped in Warp 3 / Warp Connect was buggy). It is at:


And you'll need the MPTS updates too.

If I recall, Warp 4 and above works pretty well without the update (that is, provided you install the latest TCP/IP update if you have an *original* 1996 release of Warp 4).

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