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Subject  :  WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Butcher
Date  :  30 Mar, 2006 on 23:36
Hi, I've been a long time admin of WSeB Domain with 30 Warp 4 clients. Problem is now I am required to install a Windows 2003 server and 10 XP clients. Is there any way I can have these 2 domains to co-exist on the same lan. I've had problems before with XP pc's causing problems with MS Access v2.0 database applications on the WSeb. Idealy I'd like to leave the WSeB domain intact and add the new MS domain and allow some users on the MS domain to access some of the WSeB resources(shares).


Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  warpcafe warpcafe@yahoo.de
Date  :  31 Mar, 2006 on 12:50
Hi Butcher,

there is basically no problem of making them share the same LAN. Trouble starts if you want the Win-users to access the WSeB. I'm not sure, because I have no such infrastructure at hand... but the 2003 server is supposed to be set up as a "primary domain controller", right? The WSeB on the other side is a primary domain controller as well, hm?

This means that you must have two different domains then.
(And two different NetBios workgroup names)

Okay. Win-users most probably will be made part of a domain and thus will have their logon verified by the domain server (2003). Warpers on the other hand... are they also using login verification on the WseB?
Are these XP Professional or "Home" clients BTW?

It should be not too difficult and hopefully work like this:
1) You must have the "network neighbourhood broser service" enabled for the WSeB (but that's by default IIRC).
2) Create accounts on the WSeB for the win-users in question, by using the exact UserIDs and Passworts as defined on the 2003 server.
That should enable the windows-users to at least "see" the WSeB in the network neighborhood folder (maybe you'll have to browse from the "entire network" first)

If that doesn't work, tell me what the symptoms are and we'll have a look. There's one or two tweaks for the WSeB's IBMLAN.INI by the way that should be applied, but more about that later if the above works...

HTH - Greetings

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Butcher
Date  :  31 Mar, 2006 on 17:27
Hi Thomas,

Firstly thanks for the reply.

The setup I have is a single WSeB v4.52 running on a x235 smp server. The lan (netbios) is 100Mb switch with 30 Warp 4 clients in various locations throughout the factory. Most of the production PC's are using touch screens running a production data collection App written in MS Access 2.0.

The administration PC's (10) are due for change as is the server. The decision to move to XP Pro clients was outside my control and I have tried to use 1/2 XP Pro clients within the Domain before with limited sucess. Yes they can view and access the WSeB shares run apps and so on , but I was having problems with the MS Access database locking up or getting corrupted as well as some error messages (NET3215 an unrecognised message was recieved in the mailslot)in the net error log. In the end I decided to remove them from the network and leave them as standalone PC's and the problems with the database went away.

What I'm planning(thinking)to do, is install a second PDC server for the Admin department (SBS 2003) with a new domain name running TCPIP/Netbios. Only 1/2 users in the admin will require access to the existing WSeB domain to review production data from the MS Application. My main concern is given the fact that previous attempts to add XP Pro clients to the WSeB domain worked but caused problems what will a whole MS 2003 server and XP Pro clients do to my trusty WSeB Domain if netbios is used instead of TCPIP.

I have even toyed with the idea of seperate networks for both Domains and leave 1 warp cleint in the admin just for access purposes. I guess this is the safest option as these systems need to run 24/7/365 and I can't afford to have any glitches.

I am aware of the srvhidden=no and LManounce settings and yes the WSeB has the network neighbourhood browser service running for the odd Win95 and Win NT4 pc's that are hanging around on the lan.

Thanks for any ideas or advice you have to give.


Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  31 Mar, 2006 on 19:14
I don't know if this might be causing part of the difficulty, but if I understand you correctly, you're running MS Access 2.0, and accessing it via XP Pro clients (or trying to).

I could be incorrect, but if I recall, MS Access 2.0 is an older Windows 3.1 (16 bit) application. I don't seem to recall there being a 32 bit version of Access 2.0 - but you may have more info on this. If you're getting corruption, this may be part of the difficulty. As I recall, MS removed some of the Win16 API's out of XP. I've never tried Access 2.0 on XP, however if there are incompatibilities there, this may be part of the issue (at least with database corruption).

It might be worthwhile to give it a try (set up a test system) on Windows 2000. I've usually had better luck getting things to work properly under 2000 then under XP.

Another suggestion - while things should work, if you can't make 'em work - it might almost be worthwhile to give Samba a try on WSeB. Unfortunately IBM hasn't updated the protocols in MPTS in a while (at least the netbios stuff), and while Samba is still a port (and would requrie running Netbios over TCP/IP), the Samba team has worked to make sure it is compatible with Windows XP.

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  warpcafe warpcafe@yahoo.de
Date  :  03 Apr, 2006 on 14:50

I agree with Fahrvenugen, that the problem is rather Access 2.0 on XP than the mixture of XP and WSeB... I understand that you have no influence on the decision... the fact that it needs to run 24/7 but XP /SBS2K3 was chosen shows that this is a decision from a...ehh.. "technically challenged" person to put it that way. Hm.
Have you got access to the guy/people who programmed the Access stuff or has that yet become "abandonware"? Maybe it would be better to make some process constantly retrieve the information from the app/database into a report, which the win-users than could browse thru?

Anyway - how are the XP clients intended to access the database? As a file datasource on a share? Then maybe there's updates/fixes from Microsoft for that MDAC components...? Have you tried searching on support.microsoft.com (and/or the knowledge base "KB") for that error message yet?


Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  03 Apr, 2006 on 20:34
I guess I should have put this in my original post, but another option might be to see if the app works on a newer version of Access, and see if the problem goes away.

But, this would prevent Access from being useable on any OS/2 stuff. Access 2.0 does run quite well under Warp's WinOS/2, however switching to a newer version of Access would mean commiting anything running MS Accesss to a Win32 platform (XP, W2k, Win2003, etc). As far as I know, Access won't run under Odin, and even if it did, I wouldn't recommend that type of solution for a production environment which needed 24/7 reliability (as much as I apprieciate the work that has been put into Odin, I still experience too frequent problems with apps running under Odin to be able to recommend it as a solution for a production environment).

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Butcher
Date  :  04 Apr, 2006 on 01:38
Thank you again for your thoughts,

Just to correct my original post, it was not XP clients but rather win2k clients with sp4 that I was having the problem with on the access database. Sorry about that!.

Perhaps I can better explain it this way. WSeB domain with warp clients ran without problems for years. Warp clients in production all have MS Access 2.0 16bit installed in WinOS/2 and they access the main database stored on the fileserver via a share. From the operators point of view all they see and use is the forms in the database and this is running 24/7/365. Also in the same domain was admin, again consisting of 10 warp clients running accounting software on the same fileserver in dos sessions.

I had a requirement some time back to print thermal labels from an intermec PF4i printer and suprise no OS/2 driver. So I installed a Win2000 SP4 pc on the network with access 2.0 accessing the same database on the fileserver. This is where the problems began.

I would get errors in the database which would require repairs(access repair database option) every few days.

Around this time I noticed in the WSeB lan error logs many "NET3215 an unrecognised message was recieved in the mailslot".

I decided to create an access 2.0 database local on the win2000 PC to stop the errors in the fileserver database but the problems with the fileserver database and net error log still persisted despite the PC not accessing the server baised database.

Finally I unpluged the Win2000 from the network and the problems went away. The same PC is still in production with no network connection.

The errors in the net error log in WSeB went away also.

My conclusion was that the win2000 PC was causing some sort of problem to the database on the fileserver even when it was not directly accessing that database. So perhaps it was something to do with win2K and the message in the error log that was causing the problem.

I'm now worried that if I leave production in it's own WSeB domain on the lan and add seperate win2003 domain with XP clients I am going to have the same problem even if these XP clients have no share access to the WSeB domain.

I wrote the original access 2.0 production system and have written another production system for another of our factories which has it's own stand alone lan(not connected in any way to the main lan) and runs on a 2003 domain with XP clients. The newer system is written in access 2000 and the clients are all running access 2000 runtimes rather than the full versions of access. This system is also running 24/7/365 without problems.

You are very right when you say that if access 2000 tries to open an access 2.0 database it will either try to convert it to the newer 2000 format or run it in compatability mode. if it converts it to 2000 format the access 2.0 clients will no longer be able to open the database.

Do you know what is causing the error in the net error log?, I read some where before about this error and there was supposed to be a fix for it I applied the fix to win2K and made the required adjustments to WSeB but the problem still persisted.

Thanks again for your help, Should the two domains WSeB and Win2003 be able to co-exist on the same lan?. Do any of you have XP clients on the same lan inside or outside the domain of the warp clients without problems?.

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  04 Apr, 2006 on 04:15

It looks like you might be able to get rid of the net3215 message by adding to IBMLAN.INI:

NetlogonQuiet = YES

You might need to download a new copy of netlogon at:


Be sure to keep a backup of your netlogon.exe and I have no idea if that'll fix the access issues.

Also, there are some known MS issues with XP and 2000 accessing OS/2 servers. Apparently they are fixed in SP4 (2000) and SP1 (XP), but here's the info:


From your description, it seems very strange that the Win2000 machine would have any effect on the Access database file when it isn't even using the database file but just connected to the network.

As for the net3215, from what I can tell it looks like that may be unrelated to the access database becoming corrupted. However anything is possible. Unless maybe (and I'm just taking a wild guess here) if whatever signal coming from the w2k machine causing the net3215 hit the WsEB at the *same time* as someone was accessing the database file, and somehow there was a conflict causing the database to become corrupted and need repair? Or if the 3215 caused some other process on the WsEB to freeze or pause, and that process had some effect on the database files? I really am just guessing here, it might take some detective work to figure out what is going on exactly.

Anyways, you might want to give the above fix a try, and check out that MS site for the other issue, and see if any of that helps.

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  warpcafe warpcafe@yahoo.de
Date  :  04 Apr, 2006 on 11:10

I've got a WSeB running with 1 XP Home SP2 stationery machine and a XP Prof. SP2 notebook attached (also of course an eCS machine). They're using the shares on the WSeB without problems and without causing problems.
The only issue is (was) that XP clients seem to not "log off" correctly when shutting them down which leads to exhausting "handles" or so, but there's a IBMLAN.INI setting that deals with that (can't remember by heart, need to look up that one).
The XPs are not part of the domain but are set up to be part of "a workgroup" that is named just like the NetBios Domain Name of the WSeB. That means, they don't use a primary logon client to verify themselves against the wseb domain server: IIRC there's no WSeB network client for XP machines "freely" available (except if you have Passport Adavantage or whatever IBM subscription which I do not have). Also, printing on the wseb-attached laser printer works fine from the xp clients.

From my personal experience:
Win2K is a very bloated, slow and "unstable" version of windows. I have had lots of troubles with that. I prefer Win98SE, NT4 or the newer XP/2K3 versions. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the problems are only existing with win2k...


Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  Butcher
Date  :  04 Apr, 2006 on 11:40
Thanks again Guys,

I had already patched the netlogon and made the changes to the ibmlan.ini but it made no difference, the logging off or closing of open resources by Win2K on WSeB was supposed to be fixed in SP4.

I too was supprised by the fact that by it's very presence on the network the 2K pc caused issues with this very very stable network.

I was using the IBM primary logon client for NT,2000,XP I had access to the SW choice collection.

I have no issues with a 95 v2 or a NT4 SP6 which also sit on the network.

I guess I'll try to leave two domains on the same lan and see what happens, if I have problems I'll just have to pull the patch lead between the 2 switches.

Thanks again... long live OS/2.

Subject  :  Re:WSeB in a Server 2003 domain
Author  :  magog
Date  :  12 Apr, 2006 on 16:30
I want to add some additional information that may be usefull.

I've been working at a company where we had developed an ERP-System (Enterprise Resource Planning).
It was build using Visual FoxPro 6. Access was and still is a running gag among VFP developers and called "housewife database".
Whatever, the system was working very good but one customer had the problem that two computers could accesss the data without any problems and when he started the 3rd one all hell broke loose. We assumed this would be some kind of network problem either with the network card or more likely with the network switch. The hardware had been replaced but the problem persist.
Finally we got a hint which might be the problem and installed another version of the MDAC Tool (Microsoft Data Access Components) and finally it worked.
The problem was that most computers had Office 2000 installed which will also install a newer version of MDAC (must have been MDAC v2.6) but the computer causing the problem had only MDAC 2.4 or 2.5 installed.
I love this kind of problems as most of the time it's digging in the dark. :-|

Access does use MDAC as does Visual FoxPro!
So you might want to check the installed version!

Using the Netlabs Samba Plugin for NetDrive might also a good idea as Fahrvenugen said earlier.

I had a requirement some time back to print thermal labels from an intermec PF4i printer and suprise no OS/2 driver.

There is not really a driver needed (beside IBMNULL). Those printers have a simple language to define and store the label size, place the barcode and text elements (better models store this information) and submit the number of labels you want to print (printing the first takes some time, but follow-ups get out very fast). You only have to write a method which get's the data you want to write, create a string using the data with the printer language codes and push it to the LPT, RS232, USB port.
I have done it several times using Label printers from Meto, Zebra,... and also POS printers from Seiko/Epson.

Juergen Ulbts (Germany)

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