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Subject  :  Function of Messenger in Warp Server
Author  :  Sam
Date  :  23 Jun, 2006 on 03:42
In the Warp Servers I owned, they all run a task call Messenger. Would someone please advise what was its function ? Under what conditiones will it run or stop ?

Is there any reference I can refer to for the description of tasks running on Warp Server ?

Thanks in advance.

Subject  :  Re:Function of Messenger in Warp Server
Author  :  Fahrvenugen
Date  :  23 Jun, 2006 on 05:07
Some of the best resources for Warp Server come from IBM's Redbooks series.

Inside Warp Server, Volume 1: Exploring the Core Components

Inside OS/2 Warp Server, Volume 2: System Management, Backup/Recovery and Advanced Print Services

OS/2 Warp Server Functional Enhancements, Part 1

OS/2 Warp Server for e-business

Subject  :  Re:Function of Messenger in Warp Server
Author  :  zman zirkle@wizard.net
Date  :  23 Jun, 2006 on 06:30
its a basic interoffice email system. it can even be set to play wav files when new messages are waiting. too bad so many people think aol invented "you've got mail". yeah ... been there did that before aol with os/2 :}

Subject  :  Re:Function of Messenger in Warp Server
Author  :  RobertM
Date  :  24 Jun, 2006 on 23:35
Well, it is kinda used for a lot more than basic inter office messaging. With Warp Server/WSeB, it can also report to any or all login groups or select users; things like machine status, shutdown alerts, etc.

For instance, if you have a WSeB/Warp Server unit that is hooked up to a UPS, and power goes out, you can have the WSeB unit alert all/select users/groups that "The Server ##### is shutting down in ## minutes, please save all work and close all connections to the server." It can also (on most IBM Netfinity machines and the IBM Intellistations based off the Netfinity line) alert select users/groups about things like "Warning, the video card in Server ## is failing."/"Warning, hard disk failure expected." In addition, on WSeB/Warp Server units with HPFS386, it can warn about hard drive directory quota limit issues (such as a user directory getting near full, or a particular disk getting near full - all thresholds set by simple configuration).

Of course, with the power and flexibility of REXX on OS/2, it can also be used to alert anyone of your choice of about anything you want at any time you want - only limited by your REXX programming capabilites.


Subject  :  Re:Function of Messenger in Warp Server
Author  :  Sam
Date  :  29 Jun, 2006 on 17:14
Dear friends,

Thanks very much for your information.

I still digesting the red books referred by Fahrvenugen. Robert's suggestion will be useful.

In fact, I encountered an occassional problem which involved the suddent termination of Messenger in Warp Server. Just wonder what may cause this. As the first step, need to understand what it is and its properties.

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