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Subject  :  OS/2 as file server for winXP network
Author  :  JLKT
Date  :  05 Dec, 2006 on 16:28

I am intending to replace my freenas NAS box with os/2 probably next month when I upgrade the system. I know there is a samba for os/2 available but I have not tried it. I have read the howto on os2voice but would like to have more feedbacks.

May I know if os/2 with samba play well with winXP clients? Are there any connection issues, bugs, etc?

Thanks and best regards

Subject  :  Re:OS/2 as file server for winXP network
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  07 Dec, 2006 on 00:14
OS/2 already has SMB type services built in, so you may want to try them before going to samba. I use this on my small home network and have no issues accessing the OS/2 shares from OS/2, Win2000 and WinXP (both Home and Pro). There is a Linux (Ubuntu) box as well but that is just an experiment that I never get around to playing with and haven't checked to see if it can access the OS/2 shares.

The only tricks when doing this, are:

- You either have to have "NETBIOS over TCP/IP" on the OS/2 box, or non-TCP/IP version on the Windows boxes (what MS calls this now completely escapes me).

- Use the OS/2 rules for names of users and share and passwords on the Windows boxes. I think Windows will allow longer names now that OS/2 doesn't handle.


Subject  :  Re:OS/2 as file server for winXP network
Author  :  Terry tgindy@yahoo.com
Date  :  08 Dec, 2006 on 00:04
eComStation, is based on Serenity System's "Managed Client" rationale, and Warp Server for e-Business (WSeB) technology, and; offers many extensible capabilities that have quick answers if you know to first ask the question.

Sometimes we take for granted, or just plain forget, just how good the underlying OS/2 and eCS kernels really are, as this operating system continues into today's computer environment with 20-year old technology that is just as up-to-date as ever!

Thank you "JLKT" & "davidfor" for asking and answering this question. Each role you have played here really are important.

I think we need more of these kinds of "OS/2 Q&A tech-talks" that come up from time to time. We do have a superb client workstation with built-in networking.

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