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Subject  :  OS/2(eCS) + Apache + Java
Author  :  Jos pavane@operamail.com
Date  :  23 Feb, 2004 on 17:17
Probably a simple question ........ Can I run Java Applets under Apache2 Web Server, running on OS/2 CP2(eCS)?
Or, do I need "Tomcat"?



Subject  :  Re:OS/2(eCS) + Apache + Java
Author  :  magog
Date  :  03 Mar, 2004 on 23:49
You need Tomcat to use JSP or Servlets.
Apache 1.x.y or Apache 2.x.y won't help you here.
Juergen Ulbts (Germany)

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Subject  :  Re:OS/2(eCS) + Apache + Java
Author  :  warprulz daniel.lee.kruse@gmail.com
Date  :  05 Jan, 2005 on 02:08
Applets are run on a user's computer so the server-side doesn't matter - Apache Web Server and Tomcat would both work.
daniel lee kruse

Subject  :  Re:OS/2(eCS) + Apache + Java
Author  :  Charly cdelunasaenz@yahoo.com.mx
Date  :  06 Jan, 2005 on 21:27
yes you can run tomcat and apache/2 but the new mod_jk to run tomcat with the apache/2 2.0 server has not been ported, so i had to move the server to another OS... as soon as someone makes the port i will switch back to the eCS.

Subject  :  Re:OS/2(eCS) + Apache + Java
Author  :  MaxSt
Date  :  26 Feb, 2005 on 17:19

if someone would like to use the Resin servlet engine (www.caucho.com), please let me know.
I ported the Resin Apache 2.x module two years ago and now found time to update it to the lastest version (Resin 2.1.16 for Apache 2.0.53). After some more testing I will upload it to Hobbes, but in the meantime if someone would like to test...


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