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Subject  :  Change config.sys
Author  :  Bille
Date  :  31 Aug, 2005 on 16:37

I have to change a setting in the file "config.sys" of 150 Clients.
(Insert "P:\acrobat3\acroread" in line beginning with "LIBPATH")

I'd like to send an email with a batch-file to all users, which does this change.

I don't know anything about REXX or something like that, but I think it's maybe a little code for you and a big help for me ...

It would be very nice, if you can help me.


PS: Sorry for my bad english ...

Subject  :  Re:Change config.sys
Author  :  zircon
Date  :  01 Sep, 2005 on 05:43
This may work.... I'm assuming all of the systems have REXXUTIL installed.
Be sure to test it yourself before distributing!
(As written the script is case sensitive, so it will happily add an existing path again if the case is different.)

/*REXX script to add (something) to the libpath line in <sysdrive>:\config.sys*/
call rxFuncAdd "SysLoadFuncs", "REXXUTIL", "SysLoadFuncs"
Call SysLoadFuncs

/*Text to add is: (something)*/

/*Find boot drive*/
signal on Syntax name GetOS2BootDrive1 /* install a local error handler */

boot_drive = ''
boot_drive = SysBootDrive()

/*Make temporary file*/
tmp= VALUE( "TMP",, "os2environment" )
tempfile=systempfilename(tmp||"\config.t???" )

modified=0 /*The config.sys has not yet been modified.*/

/*Read lines in config.sys, writing them to a temporary file*/
configsys= boot_drive||"\config.sys"
do while lines(configsys)>0
parse var line begg "=" endd
when strip(translate(begg))="LIBPATH" then do
/*Find out whether libpath line ends in ";" and add as necessary*/
if right(strip(endd),1)<>";" then endd=strip(endd) || ";"
/*Add (something) to libpath if it doesn't yet exist*/
if pos(addtext,endd)=0 then endd=endd || addtext
else signal cleanup
/*Find out whether libpath line ends in ";" and add as necessary*/
if right(strip(endd),1)<>";" then endd=strip(endd) || ";"
rc=lineout(tempfile,begg || "=" || endd)
end /* do */
otherwise rc=lineout(tempfile,line) /*Write rest of config.sys to temporary file*/
end /* select */
end /* do */

/*If the above ran through, then config.sys has been modified.*/

/*Close config.sys and tempfile*/

/*Find last existing config.Tnn file (by number)*/
do i=1 to 99
temp.i=stream(boot_drive || '\CONFIG.T' || dd, 'c', 'QUERY EXIST' )
end /* do */
do i=99 to 0 by -1
if temp.i<>"" then signal nextt
end /* do */
tbackup=boot_drive || "\config.t" || right(i+1,2,0)

/*Copy config.sys to config.Tnn+1 */
"copy " configsys tbackup


/*Copy temporary file to config.sys*/
if translate(stream(tbackup, 'c', 'QUERY EXIST' ))=translate(tbackup)
then "copy" tempfile boot_drive || "\config.sys"

cleanup: /*Delete temporary file*/
call SysDestroyObject tempfile

when modified=0 then do
say "Config.sys has NOT been modified"
say "because LIBPATH already contained '" || addtext || "'."
end /* do */
when modified=1 then do
say "Config.sys has been modified."
say "'" || addtext || "' was added to the LIBPATH."
say "The old config.sys has been backed up as '" || tbackup "'."
end /* do */
otherwise do
say "This script has a bug."
say "Please contact the system administrator."
end /* select */

if boot_drive = '' then
path=translate(VALUE( "PATH",, "os2environment" ) )
parse var path begg "\OS2\SYSTEM;" endd
if stream(boot_drive || '\CONFIG.SYS', 'c', 'QUERY EXIST' )=boot_drive||"\CONFIG.SYS" then ok=1
if ok=1 then return boot_drive
else do
say "Couldn't positively identify boot drive."
say "so your system has NOT been modified."
say "Contact your friendly administrator."
say "(Press ENTER to quit.)"
end /* do */

Subject  :  Caveat!!
Author  :  Radek hajek@vuv.cz
Date  :  01 Sep, 2005 on 09:43
Guessing from the folder name, I think you are going to upset your clients rather quickly. Acrobat 3 is unable to read *most* of contemporary .pdf, including the OS/2 related ones!

You'd better install Acrobat 5, which you can get from Innotek site www.innotek.de

If you decide for Acrobat 5 then you need to install:
- Innotek runtime (install first)
- Acrobat 5
Both packages are self-installing files. They do not need any additions to libpath, well they modify user.ini instead
I have no experience with installing Acrobat 5 on the web but other people on this forum will know more surely

Subject  :  Re:Change config.sys
Author  :  Bille
Date  :  01 Sep, 2005 on 12:05
Hi !

It works! Many thanks to zirkon

We have to change to Microsoft XP till december 2005.
So there's no need to install an other version of Adobe Acrobat.
But thank you for the information.

Greetings from Germany

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