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Subject  :  error 99 unreconized directive instruction
Author  :  redcode redcodekitty@netscape.com
Date  :  12 Jul, 2006 on 00:46
while in object rexx my address book program wont work for some reason. and it was on a say command which i know i did right this isnt done yet but once i fix the error then i will continue. heres the code.

/* adbook.cmd */

::REQUIRES data.cmd

say'choose category'
say '1. friends'
say '2. work'
say '3. other'
say '4. go back'
pull cat2

if cat2 = 4 then do
signal start

AL: say 'name'
pull name
say name

::Class Friend

::Class Work

::Class Other

then heres the code for the data.cmd where all the data is stored.

/* data.cmd */

::Class Friends INHERIT name
::Class Friends INHERIT address
::Class Friends INHERIT city
::Class Friends INHERIT zip
::Class Friends INHERIT hp
::Class Friends INHERIT wp
::Class Friends INHERIT pager

::Class Work INHERIT name2
::Class Work INHERIT address2
::Class Work INHERIT city2
::Class Work INHERIT zip2
::Class Work INHERIT hp2
::Class Work INHERIT wp2
::Class Work INHERIT pager2

::Class Other INHERIT name3
::Class Other INHERIT address3
::Class Other INHERIT city3
::Class Other INHERIT zip3
::Class Other INHERIT hp3
::Class Other INHERIT wp3
::Class Other INHERIT pager3

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