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Subject  :  Memory leak and SYS3175 in (O)REXX.DLL
Author  :  RobertM
Date  :  14 Aug, 2006 on 03:19
Hi all,

I've been running into the following problem using the OREXX.DLL included in WSeB v4.52CP2 PF and eCS v1.2R:

After either trying to read (using CharIn()) a large stream (from a web server), I get a SYS3175 in REXX.DLL (Object REXX loaded). Per a post on the issue I found Google'ing the problem, I've since backleveled the OREXX components to the version on Hobbes (objrxx30.zip) which has rectified this situation, but still has a memory leak when handling large stem arrays (not nearly as large as the memory leak from the newer version).

I was wondering if anyone knows of a fix for it, or an earlier release (and it's location) that doesn't have this issue (but maintains the updated REXXUTIL functions such as SysStemDelete(), etc). It's not too serious of an issue currently as the leak is small enough (that with my server's resources) that it will take a few months before the leak is a problem - but I'd rather be able to set it up and walk away from it without any worries.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me.


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