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Subject  :  Anyone using JBuilder 2005 or 2006?
Author  :  Roger
Date  :  08 Nov, 2006 on 21:34

I noticed on Borland's site (http://www.borland.com/downloads/download_jbuilder.html) that their free version is now referred to as Foundation (was Personal) and it comes in a 2005 and 2006 version.

Thought I'd ask here (before attempting to do the install myself) if anyone had experience running newer versions of JBuilder on OS/2 or eComstation. If so, what level of Java is needed and how much memory and disk space does it need.

I found scripts on Java Corner and Hobbes showing how to install in Windows; then move to OS/2, set up Environment variables, etc., but these were for older versions of JBuilder.



Subject  :  Re:Anyone using JBuilder 2005 or 2006?
Author  :  Pete losepete@ntlworld.com
Date  :  09 Nov, 2006 on 19:20

I have jBuilderX Foundation installed and working with the Innotek java142_09 SDK package.

Not being a java programmer I cannot comment on how well it performs but I did manage to work through the "build an editor" example without problems.

I do use a cmd script to start it which I post here for you to modify to your needs - especially drive:\path bits:-

REM /* jbuilderx.cmd */

REM /* To run Borland JBuilder X Foundation ("for Windows") */
REM /* on OS/2 based systems that have Innoteks' version of */
REM /* Sun Java142_02/04/05/09 SDK ("for Windows") installed */


SET CLASSPATH=K:\Java\Java142\lib\tools.jar;../lib/activation.jar;../lib/ant.jar;../lib/beandt.jar;../lib/BorlandLookAndFeel.jar;../lib/dbswing.jar;../lib/dbswingdt.jar;../lib/dbtools.jar;../lib/DoctypeChanger.jar;../lib/dt.jar;../lib/dtdparser.jar;../lib/dx.jar;../lib/help.jar;../lib/JarManifestFix.jar;../lib/javac.jar;../lib/jbcl.jar;../lib/jbuilder.jar;../lib/jdbcx.jar;../lib/jds.jar;../lib/jdsremote.jar;../lib/jdsserver.jar;../lib/lawt.jar;../lib/linuxDesktopConfigurator.jar;../lib/mail.jar;../lib/optional.jar;../lib/primetime.jar;../lib/resolver.jar;../lib/sanct2.jar;../lib/sanctuary.jar;../lib/SequencedEventFix.jar;../lib/TabbedPaneFix.jar;../lib/unittest.jar;../lib/webservices.jar;../lib/xercesImpl.jar;../lib/xmlParserAPIs.jar;../lib/XPTreeUIFix.jar;
java -Xbootclasspath/p:../lib/lawt.jar;../lib/TabbedPaneFix.jar;../lib/SequencedEventFix.jar;../lib/javac.jar;../lib/JarManifestFix.jar; -Xverify:none -Xms128m -Xmx512m -Dborland.exportenv=D:/jbuilderX/jbenv.txt com.borland.jbuilder.JBuilder

I copy'n'pasted the above but cannot get it to look correct here while editing. The "SET CLASSPATH" line stops at "XPTreeUIFix.jar;" and the next (starts with "java") line is everything else before "EndLocal".

I also have K:\JAVA\JAVA142\JRE\BIN; in my config.sys Path

Hope that helps


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