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Subject  :  IBM TP560X & USB
Author  :  MMHein
Date  :  07 Sep, 2006 on 09:31

I've just finished setting up eCS Prv2 on my old IBM TP560X, and everything works just fine except for USB und PCMCIA/WLAN.

According to the IBM technical specifications the TP560X is equipped with an UHCI USB host controller which is supposed to be compatible with the USB drivers coming with Warp/eCS.

Unfortunately I always receive an error message reading USBUHCD.sys: (Additional) UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller not found.

Using the cw-usb package instead doesn't solve this.

Due to having no floppy drive or docking station available, it's pretty tough setting up or copying anything to/fro the harddrive (I've to take it out of my TP and put it into a PC, so lots of manual labour).

Any ideas?


Subject  :  Re:IBM TP560X & USB
Author  :  BigWarpGuy
Date  :  07 Sep, 2006 on 19:35
It lisits your Thinkpad model with a mini-dock.

Here is a mini-dock for that model Thinkpad.

I had a similar problem with the USB on my A22m. When I connected the port replicator (with a usb port), it saw it. I had installed the latest USB drivers from the eCS member download section.

Have you considrered a port replicator? It might have an usb port.
(search results at eBay using thinkpad 560 port).
There are 18 items/port replicators in the eBay store.

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Subject  :  Re:IBM TP560X & USB
Author  :  Pete losepete@ntlworld.com
Date  :  07 Sep, 2006 on 20:49
Hi Martin

You want to make sure that USB Legacy (DOS) support is Off/Disabled and USB is On in the TP BIOS.

How many controllers does the system have? - and how many are you trying to load drivers for?

USBcfg may help configure USB drivers to the system requirements http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/system/usbcfgb7a.zip



Subject  :  Re:IBM TP560X & USB
Author  :  MMHein
Date  :  07 Sep, 2006 on 20:57
Hi BigWarpGuy,


Seems I have to go for the enhanced port replicator, 'cause it comes with an USB port.


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