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Subject  :  Tekram DC-390T and Tandberg TDC 3820 tape boot sequence
Author  :  Jamich jamich@hotmail.com
Date  :  27 Nov, 2006 on 14:14
I recently installed a Tekram DC-390T PCI SCSI adpater with a Tandberg TDC 3820 tape drive on a OS/2 Version 2.1 and I am unable to get OS/2 to see the SCSI adpater FIRST. What it does is it keeps loading the driver for the tape drive first before it loads the SCSI adpater. What do I need to do with my config sys to let it see this tape drive. My system originally works with a EISA SCSI Adpater which went bad so I am now using the Tekram SCSI Adpater for the tape drive and a IDE HDD. Eyerything else works find.

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