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Subject  :  cardbus on ecomstation
Author  :  phil
Date  :  20 Feb, 2007 on 19:14
am trying to set up an adeptec 1480 slim scsi (32 bit). according to oswarp.be the driver AIC7870 should support this device. this is to use a castlewood orb drive which works ok on windose 98se and has in the past worked on adaptec 1460 (16 bit)
running an ibm thinkpad A21M
So far Orb drive will not attach an get assigned a drive letter
Any hel will be greatly appreciated
Regards Phil

Subject  :  Re:cardbus on ecomstation
Author  :  MrJInx rashj@pacbell.net
Date  :  28 Feb, 2007 on 03:53
Phil, Even though the win98 version of the 16bit driver worked in windows, It will not work the same in OS/2. 32bit cardbus based cards require drivers that will enable /power on the cardbus card. As a workaround, You may be able to use CBEnable. Search OS2 Software on the homepage of OS/2 World and you will find links to the site to download it from. Using that software, You can enable the card and my guess is you will need to use 1 of the adaptec scsi pci card drivers like the 2920 driver comes to mind. Using CBEnable, The card must be in the cardbus slot during bootup and there is no hot swapping support. Follow the instructions carefully, Once it initializes your card, It will appear as a PCI device not a PCMCIA or CARDBUS device.

I use this package to initialize my Sierra Wireless broadband cardbus card and it took some work to get it going but was well worth the effort.

Subject  :  Re:cardbus on ecomstation
Author  :  phil
Date  :  28 Feb, 2007 on 20:40
thanks for your response, I will give it a try and hopefully get my orb drive back to working under ecomstation. Adaptec wrote os2 drivers for the 1460 (16 bit)pcmcia, but unfortune did not do so for the 1480 (32 bit) cardbus.


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