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Subject  :  HP 4300 and eCS?
Author  :  OriAl alanh77@comcast.net
Date  :  02 Mar, 2007 on 21:37
With the demise of our old fax machine, we picked up an HP 4300 all-in-one fax/copier/scanner/printer. As I already have an HP 930c printer attached to my parallel port and functioning (though I don't know how to tell the ink level and when it is running out, as I could with my old Lexmark Z-51 printer and driver), I had the 4300 attached to one of my USB ports (my first USB device. Port is USB 1.1 - I'll have to buy a USB 2.0 card one day.)

The 4300 came with CDs for Windows and Mac, so I booted to my WinXP partition to set it up. All seemed to go well, and thee software that came on the CD seems to be capable of scanning, among other tings (if not, I'll find a freeware Win scanning utility.) I'd like to be able to use the 4300 for scanning, and perhaps some printing, under eCS, also. Is there an eCS driver for the 4300, and software that will allow scanning with it under eCS?

Hardware manager did find the 4300. I didn't know what to do with the driver page and other settings at that time, so I closed the page (now, I'm not sure where to find it again when I do no, but it's here somewhere.) Assuming I can and do get it working in eCS, how do I handle two printers? When I elect to print something, will I be given a choice of printers? I've never had multiple printers on a system.before.

Thanks as always for any help.


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Subject  :  Re:HP 4300 and eCS?
Author  :  Blonde Guy
Date  :  02 Mar, 2007 on 22:35
If you ever do get it to work, please post the result. You are probably the first one to ever try this particular printer.

Post the result here:

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