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Subject  :  MB
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  02 Apr, 2007 on 03:13
Hi guys.
Well hate to keep posting seems so boring,but have a question
regarding a new mb.. As my other post states my current KV7-v
has some major problems, whether its fixable or not I don't know..
ie: bio upgrade..but now I don't have on board audio, or usb support,
and now i'm having trouble with the mb reconizing my sound blaster
audio card, (taken from my tyan mb, which it worked fine in)
So with my newish amd 2500+ cup and the ddr3200 and SATA
support, what is a good mb that also supports audio under os/2
and usb? I've seen some of these Kv7 selling for around $134, which
is interesting since its been out of production for 2 years now..

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