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Subject  :  USB-Stick "auto eject"
Author  :  tommytravolta
Date  :  27 Apr, 2007 on 14:28
I´m having some trouble regarding USB-Sticks in OS/2 ...

So I have to make an USB Backup solution for "dummies" ...
My OS/2 Version for now is 4.5, I also tried to patch the Kernel to the latest available. USB works, for that OS/2 recognizes Sticks or Floppies or ?.

The main Problem is, that OS/2 does not automatically remove the device after detaching the USB-Stick. Normally that would not be a Problem, if the users would be able to manually eject it (right mouse button on driveletter ...) !
Using the command line to eject the stick is also no option, cause our backup software is not able to run OS/2 software.

So I´m looking for a USB Driver Solution for OS/2 4.5 that automatically recognizes, if the media is plugged in or out !

I know that this feature is integrated in ECS1.2 ! I cannot upgrade to ECS, so the solution must be for 4.5.

I tried CWUSB drivers and the last official IBM drivers.

Any suggestions ?

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