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Subject  :  Grub
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  09 Apr, 2007 on 21:37
hello, seems like i'm posting all over this site.
I have 2 hd in one machine,,this is a play around system, with
windoz 98se, eCS1.2 (my main os) on another machine,,,
also installed is Solaris 10.. when the boot comes up and I click on
Solaris and the system starts up, but it boots to a grub loader
with failsafe or regular boot....anyway...I would like not to have grub
but I don't understand anything about these managers..
but it does indicate hd0,0,a and hd0,0, a, and its looking for a boot
sector on hd0,0a which is the 1st hd..
anyone understand what im saying or can answer my question

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