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Subject  :  long filenames ?
Author  :  PHE
Date  :  22 Apr, 2007 on 09:17

I've recorded a cd in XP.
On this cd I can see files and dir with long filenames.

When I read this cd in warp 4 (without fixpak, and even with fixpak 15 apllied) I do not get these long names. They are all truncated on 8.3.

Warp 4 is on a HPFS partition.

What can be wrong? How can I get the long filenames? (I want to use genmac200).


Subject  :  Re:long filenames ?
Author  :  dljone9 dljone9@os2world.com
Date  :  22 Apr, 2007 on 11:25
Look for this line in your CONFIG.SYS:


and add some switches...for example, I have the following:


Subject  :  Re:long filenames ?
Author  :  Radek hajek@vuv.cz
Date  :  23 Apr, 2007 on 13:32
The /W parameter is the one which is needed. The /W enables Joliet support in CDFS and allows you to see long filenames. Without /W, you will see only 8.3 truncated filenames.

Note that Joliet supports filenames up to 64 characters long. If you have super long long long ... filenames then Joliet will not save you.

Subject  :  Re:long filenames ?
Author  :  PHE
Date  :  26 Apr, 2007 on 14:52
/W does the job !

thx to all who suggested this to me.


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