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Subject  :  java
Author  :  Trident
Date  :  27 Apr, 2007 on 18:40

My "bad trouble" was unrepairable, so I did a reinstall of eCs1.2
still had a problem with the video driver, desktop mouse very slow
installed the updated snap video driver..better, but mouse still slow
compared to demo eCS2.0.
Now to this question. I had decided to go with the Golden Code java
finally read all the info regarding plugins and got Firefox to load some
sites with java chat rooms..
but still having problems with the "browser\java"
is anyone running eCS1.2 with Golden Code and has no problem
with java scripts and such.
I was on a chat site, then decided to open a separate window and
read thru these forums, immediately the browser closed and froze the
desktop. I can only assume its a java problem, as it most often happen
when I am running a java script web site.
Also in Firefox the npnulos2.dll is not enabled, is this normal when
Golden Code is the primary java

Subject  :  Re:java
Author  :  szdl
Date  :  03 May, 2007 on 23:30
1. If you woldn't know: Java and Javascript are two _very_ different things..

2. Use Innotek-Sun java or IBM 1.3 java for browserplugin.

3. Use PmW-Fx (which is a modified Firefox, and handles Java plugin correctly), (or try the old IWB)!

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