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Subject  :  how to obtain usercomment
Author  :  nikita nikita820@hotmail.com
Date  :  24 Jun, 2005 on 22:34

Can anyone tell me how I can get a list of the users with their USERCOMMENT using the command line on a OS/2 server?

Thank you very much

Subject  :  Re:how to obtain usercomment
Author  :  cyberspittle cyberspittle@yahoo.com
Date  :  25 Jun, 2005 on 19:27
Hi Nikita,

Not having any OS/2 Warp Server experience, however have you used Google (or other search engine) or checked IBM for administrator command line tools?

I understand what you are trying to do. You want to get the user description that is normally available in the GUI when creating user accounts. One way might be to develope a REXX script to parse the user data file.

Subject  :  Re:how to obtain usercomment
Author  :  zman zirkle@wizard.net
Date  :  25 Jun, 2005 on 20:16
the "net" command is your ticket inside your server; but, it requires logon and appropriate privileges. "net ?" shows options. "net user" shows users across the domain controller and other servers known to the domain controller.

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