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Subject  :  Warp 4 & fat / fat32 mystery
Author  :  kif kim@foder.dk
Date  :  29 Sep, 2005 on 20:20
I have a 4 Gb CF card, I'm using in my Nikon 70D digital camera.

In my understanding, you cannot format a disk larger than 2 Gb as fat, thus I have installed netlabs fat32 driver.

But when I boot, the driver tells me it cannot find any fat32 partitions, and it aborts, even though the CF card is in the USB reader.

Now to the mystery.

Today I happened to open the drive folder for my reader while the card was inserted, and was able to see the contents !

Right now I'm copying 4 Gb images to my harddisk !

Any idea how that is possible ?

Fdisk tells me, the drive contains 2 partitions, 1 unformatted at 4Gb, 1 primary fat formatted at 1 Mb, but OS2 none the less reads the contents ?

As I can get to my images, this is no problem, but I wonder !

Subject  :  Re:Warp 4 & fat / fat32 mystery
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  30 Sep, 2005 on 04:40
Three thoughts:

- Someone or something fiddled with your config.sys and rearranged the order so that the reader was recognised earlier than when the FAT32 driver went looking for a drive.

- You have the correct parameters on the FAT32 driver to have it load and stay loaded when it doesn't find a FAT32 formatted drive. I don't know what the parameters are, I just remember seeing them in an announcement and discussion on the FAT32 list.

- You should never look a gift horse in the mouth

Anyway, good to hear it is working correctly.


Subject  :  Re:Warp 4 & fat / fat32 mystery
Author  :  Cris
Date  :  30 Sep, 2005 on 10:05
what version of the FAT32 driver do you have?
The old versions did not load unless a FAT32 partition was found on *fixed* media (i.e. not removable).
Newer versions need a parameter to tell them to load even if they don't find a FAT32 partition on the fixed disk.



Subject  :  Re:Warp 4 & fat / fat32 mystery
Author  :  kif kim@foder.dk
Date  :  10 Oct, 2005 on 11:08

Tanks for your answers.

I have been playing around with the fat32 disk.

Fdisk always says the partition is non formatted.

Properties on the desktop tells, the disk is fat32 formatted.

Fat32 is installed without any parameters, but it looks as if it is loaded even though it tells it cannot load during boot.

So I thing the mystery is solved ;o)


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