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Subject  :  JFS volume backup and restore issue.
Author  :  Xfree/86 Hopeful
Date  :  12 Oct, 2005 on 19:03

I am in the process of bringing up OS/2 on a machine with
the following configuration:

AMD/64 3500+
ATI Radeon X700 PCI-E Graphics Card
Warp 4.52 XRC005 but at driver fixpak XRD002
Display driver Scitech DD 7.07

The PM Shell cannot initialize. SDDHELP.SYS Traps and I am
stuck. Altering the boot configuration to switch to VGA mode
does not help the situation. It appears that Scitech Display
Doctor is unable to work with the new hardware at the level
at which it is on the Warp install. I can boot Warp to
command line OK off the Hard Drive, but no Presentation
Manager(PM). Funny that you need the PM to install the
IBM GRADD Drivers as well as Scitech's Display Drivers ??!!

The reason for the change to this configuration is that the
old PC on which the Warp configuration worked died. I also
have Windows XP installed and use Boot Manager startup
selection to switch between systems.

Now I decided to use Acronis True Image Backup/Restore 8.0
utility to backup the OS/2 volumes (Boot F:(HPFS) Data
E:(JFS) and G:(JFS) ) on the machine and restore to another
one which I have just refurbished. This machine has an A-Bit
AGP Card with ATI Radeon 9600 chipset. I used LVM to
prepare the target Hard Disk using the same size
configuration as on the first machine above.

The F: drive restores and is recognized ok. The JFS drives
E: and G: show up as unrecognized and unformatted. What
could be the problem?

One thing I forgot to mention is that all three volumes were
on a Seagate 120 GB Hard Drive in the above machine, but in
the second the F: volume is restored to a Maxtor 120GB but
the E: and G: JFS volumes were restored to a second 6.51GB
Seagate Hard Drive.

Any help on the matter would be appreciated. Is JFS such a
special case that volumes cannot be imaged and restored to
some other system? Comments please.


Hoping to get Xfree/86 going on Warp ....

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