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Subject  :  Relation between doscall1.dll and hpfs ?
Author  :  zionite
Date  :  21 Jan, 2003 on 19:00
On a system installed with ACP2 and running hpfs as FS on either lvm or compatible volumes sometimes gives me a trap during normal boot in doscall1.dll. Usually I just have to make sure to run checkdisk and restart the system to get it start without any problem.
The reason for getting this is usually when I have added or changed something on a disk or partition using Partition Magic (sometimes I just need to use it). So I know why and how to fix the system.

But what is the relation between doscall1.dll and hpfs on a lvm volume ?


Subject  :  Re:Relation between doscall1.dll and hpfs ?
Author  :  davidfor
Date  :  21 Jan, 2003 on 22:52
DOSCALL1.DLL is one of the base system DLLs. It contains lots of the low level functions needed by programs, DLLs, drivers, etc. I doubt if it would be possible to write a program that didn't end up making a call to this (either directly or via another DLL). If it is, the program wouldn't be very interesting (ie. It wouldn't do anything).

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